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There are some who are content to learn their art through an academic approach. Others will struggle for years in the underground, developing and honing their skills in order to be considered as a ‘serious’ artist. Few people develop both of these traits, and fewer still have a portfolio to match their acquired knowledge.


Joel Gale is one of those people who approaches his work through years of utilizing both approaches; that and the added circumstances of trial, error, and bloody hard work. By day, Joel creates a stunning portfolio using the equipment available to him through his school, rendering flawless portraits and manipulating his own work. At night, Joel is the photographer who is one moment wading through hordes of sweating, flailing masses in subterranean hardcore shows, and the next moment adjusting exposures to capture literal flames hurled in swathes by like-minded night owls along the Toronto Island.


Eschewing the rampant saturation of “vintage”, Joel instead embraces the beauty and clarity that modern cameras provide, utilizing them to his advantage to create a truly framed moment in time. Combined with his ability to put the participant at ease, it makes for captivating material seen here. - Lance Marwood 


YM Inc.

Toronto, Ontario

Bird Renovations                        

Toronto, Ontario  

HiM Promotions                      
Toronto, Ontario 

KMI Media                       
Toronto, Ontario  


PPOC Student Portrait 

Calgary - 2016

Toronto Clicks 

Toronto - 2014

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